Quito’s New International Airport

By April 8, 2013Ecuador
Quito Ecuador new international airport

Replaces one of Latin America’s most perilous airports

The Arizona Republic — April 7, 2013

QUITO, Ecuador — One of Latin America’s most dangerous airports has seen its final landing.

In late February, Mariscal Sucre International Airport opened in Quito, replacing the city’s old airport of the same name.  The old airport was known for its short runway, high elevation and proximity to the Andes Mountains, making takeoffs and landings tricky — even for experienced pilots.  There had been 10 serious accidents since the airport opened in 1960.

Although the new airport is expected to be safer than its predecessor, it is farther from the city’s main attractions.  The new airport is in a rural area northeast of the city, at least an hour’s drive from Quito’s historical downtown.  Taxi fare is about $35.

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