Photo Essay: Nicaragua Parade

By November 3, 2012Nicaragua, Photo Essays
Granada Nicaragua parade

Folklore Parade; Granada, Nicaragua

Some of the most enriching travel experiences happen due to serendipity.

A few years ago I visited the historic colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua.  My visit just happened to coincide with an international poetry festival.  I’m not a poetry buff, and even if I were, most of the events associated with the festival were conducted in Spanish.  No hablo español.

But there was one event that spoke to me profoundly in a language I could understand.  The festival was culminated by one of the most magnificent and resplendent parades I have ever seen.

It seemed like all of Granada – a town of about 90,000 people – turned up to either march or watch the parade.  I didn’t understand the meaning behind some of the exhibits and costumes, but I was told later that much of it had to do either with poking fun at the Spanish – who ruled Nicaragua until it gained its independence in 1821 – or honoring the country’s indigenous culture.

This young lady, proudly displaying her brightly colored folkloric dress, caught my attention.  And she didn’t seem shy about posing for a picture.  It’s a lovely reminder of what was one of the highlights of a fascinating trip to Central America.

Muchas gracias, señorita!

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