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This website is devoted to travelers who enjoy visiting destinations that are off the beaten path — in some cases about as far off the path as you can get!

There are more than 65 articles by the author -- all published in newspapers and magazines around the world -- supplemented with numerous photos designed to give you the objective information you need to make informed travel decisions. You won’t find any stories about trips to London, Paris or Las Vegas. Instead, more exotic and hard-to-reach locales are profiled — places like Minsk, Moorea and Moldova... Slovenia, Srpska and San Marino... Greenland, Iceland and Swaziland. I’ve had the privilege of visiting and writing about these and many other fascinating destinations over the years.

There are also sections on cruising, Jewish travel, sports abroad, a gallery of the author’s 50 favorite photos taken around the world, and a "Photo of the Week" blog. So whatever your destination, I hope you find the articles interesting, informative and have the opportunity yourself to visit some of these wonderful places.

Happy travels!
-- Dan Fellner